Saturday, July 15, 2006

Big Match Up!

Mike and I went to the Holland Kennel Club match this morning with several dogs we wanted to get out into the ring. We had Big and Carrie in puppy class, and Chance, Creme and Korbel in the adult classes. So for the record...Carrie beat Big, Chance beat Creme.....and THEN we had the big match up! Chance went Group 1 and Korbel also went Group it was then time to duke it out for Best in Match Adult. Our good friend Melaney was also in the line up with her Cocker Winnie. Well that little dynamo Chance went Best in Match!!! Good for him and Mike. Way to go!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Ariel's Forever Home

We have been looking for some time now for the perfect home for Ariel to call her forever place. We love her very much but she needs way more lap time than she is getting with us. My friend Christine Parker who I have known....well let's see...about 23 or so years....mentioned that her mom was looking for a new lap type dog. We decided to get Lillian and Ariel together to see if this was the right situation for both of them. It turned out to be right and yesterday, Lillian came to pick up Ariel and take her home. Here they are just before the ride home. Ariel already loves Lillian and clearly remembered her from their first visit together. We were sad to see her go...many tears welling up, but we know this will be wonderful for both of them!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lost and Found

Look at what is in our Lost and Found department! On Monday this little guy was found running in the street in front of our house. After a search through the bushes I found him. He is very sweet, skinny and a bit nervous around all of our dogs. He needs a good grooming too. I have placed an ad in the local paper and on the radio. I also put notices on about 50 mailboxes in our neighborhood. We sure hope we find his owners! If not we will make sure he gets adopted to a good home. By the way, he is much cuter than his picture!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


A number of years ago in the month of June, my father broke his neck. I flew out to see him on 4th of July weekend. When I walked into the hospital room, I said, "How are you doing?" He didn't miss a beat and quipped, "Better than Superman". Of course he was referring to Christopher Reeves. Christopher Reeves will always be Superman for me just like for many others, so I was not sure I wanted to go see Superman Returns. However after reading the reviews Mike and I decided for once to go see a movie right away. We went last night. It was quite beautiful. The new Superman isn't quite Christopher Reeves, but the film does hold it's own and is a credit to all involved. I agree with some critics who say that it is a bit heavy on the Christ allegory but that aside I did enjoy it. Mike and I both stayed to watch the credits and we were glad we did, because if you do you will see the film is dedicated to Christopher and Dana Reeves. I got a tear in my eye when I read that. In a way I was glad they didn't release it until they were both gone. Enough said. Superman is always around. Go see him, just don't expect to see the same Superman.
P.S. There are Pomeranians in many scenes!!