Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yellow Wins Big

Cute little Yellow Boy is a big winner when it comes to homes. He is much loved by Kara, Jon and Katelyn! This lucky and very sweet boy will be a best friend and study partner when Kara goes to med school next year. She hopes he will be a good therapy dog and family dog for the future and he certainly is just the right boy for that! His name is Solid Gold Alaskan Vista and they call him Kenai which is a picturesque peninsula in Alaska. We expect he will grow up to be a very beautiful boy which is fitting for such a name.

Red Girl Gets Going

Red Girl was always the leader of the pack with this group. Funny thing is, she had some secret admirers in Indiana who were hoping they would get to take her home. Red Girl is a marvelous show prospect with terrific movement and a beautiful upright structure. She is also cute as the dickens and she knows it. Sara and Randy were delighted to get to take her home and said the rest of the family was hoping it would be Red Girl. She is now Solid Gold Nakiska Ice, named after a beautiful place they visited during the Olympics of 1980. Kiska gets to live on a golf course and she is already making herself at home in the club house.

Blue Boy was Next

Beautiful Blue Boy was declared show quality by a Samoyed judge based on his gorgeous face, great bone and pleasing look. Lots of folks from around the country were very much in love with this boy, but it was Caroline and Bill who got to take him home with them to Ohio. Caroline's heart was broken when she lost Queen Samantha over the summer. Samantha was Blue Boy's great aunt so it is a family connection. We know Samantha would approve. Caroline adores her little Blue Boy and looks forward to trying agility and maybe the show ring. She named him Kodiak but needs to spend a little more time picking just the right formal name.

Violet's Turn

Violet is a people dog. He loves everyone, gives kisses and wags his tail all the time. His new family has had many Samoyeds over the years and they appreciate the gentle and outgoing nature of the breed. Rick and Peggy took a shine to Indigo and named him Solid Gold Classical Jazz to reflect their love of music. Jazz is making himself right at home having met many people and dogs in the neighborhood already.

Indigo's New Family

Indigo Boy is a character. If you bark at him, he will bark back and then howl. We knew his family had to be very special. Lucky him he has two wonderful parents in Courtney and Jason but also two brothers! His family is very active and loves the winter. He lives on a lake where he will get to pursue winter sports with the family. No wonder they named him Solid Gold Winter's Chill. They call him Chilly!

Orange Girl Finds Love

Orange Girl found a special place in Ethel's heart when she snuggled with her one evening several weeks ago. A show girl from the start, Orange Girl is now known as Schatzie, a German word for Little Treasure. Her registered name will be Solid Gold Peaches 'N Cream. We feel fortunate to be able to co-own her and look forward to taking her to shows in the future, but most of all we feel lucky to have such a great home for Schatzie where she will be loved forever.

Green Boy Goes Home

Green Boy stood out as a show prospect from the beginning. As the biggest boy he is outdoing, moves with absolute confidence and demonstrates his pedigree in his athletic structure. He will make a wonderful friend to Malauri and a great dog for Mike and Cindy. They report he is settling in very well and already knows the routine at home. We are thrilled to get to know such

great people and know that Green Boy has found a truly special home.

The Final Night

Thank you to the wonderful families who have adopted our beautiful puppies. Each puppy is unique and greatly loved by us forever and we entrust them to you and wish for you a lifetime of love and joy.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Six Week Ribbon Pictures

Friday, November 04, 2011

Breakfast Bar

Now that the puppies are bigger, they nurse sitting up. It makes for a very efficient breakfast bar!