Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sledding Fun

Today we strapped the sled to the top of the roof and headed off for the annual SAMD sledding outing at John Studebaker's. It was a beautiful day with sunshine, snow and lots of great dogs. Here I am with Boston and Korbel in lead and Ernie at wheel (closest to the sled) Boston is the one stretching out at front showing her daughter how to do it.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Puppy Bowl

Most of the world watched the Superbowl last night. I must admit we did watch most of it too, BUT we did take time to check in on the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. Korbel was sure glad we did. Every time we changed the station she would jump up and run over to the television to watch the puppies.

Up North

This weekend was a special 4-H training event called Leadermete. The Central Region of counties in Michigan put on an all day seminar with numerous people giving classes on a variety of subjects. I was asked to speak on Rally Obedience and to bring a dog to demonstrate. All in all there were over 150 people registered for Leadermete. However severe weather caused most of the ones from the west side of the state to cancel. Seeing the weather reports and warnings I decided to go up to Mt. Pleasant on Friday ahead of the storm. So I loaded up the car with my Rally equipment, and Boston and I headed out stopping to pick up one of my 4-H leaders Anne. We ended up having a great time and our class had more than two dozen people, picking up a few from classes that cancelled because the instructors couldn't make it. We finished up late Saturday afternoon and decided that the weather warnings were too much to ignore. We stayed over Saturday night and headed home on Sunday afternoon. When we heard there was a 50 car pile up on the highway we would have to travel right about the time we would have been on it, we were sure glad we waited! The wind chill was 30 to 40 below zero and fierce winds caused whiteout conditions. It was a long drive home, but we made it safe and sound. Here you can see us demonstrating the serpentine exercises in our class. Boston did an excellent job and patiently worked all 48 Rally exercises for the audience.

Lady In Waiting

Here is Boston waiting....and it seems in no hurry to come into season so she can go to Florida to visit Sniper. Maybe she is just enjoying the cold winter weather. After all we have plenty of it!