Monday, November 30, 2009

Long Dog Show Days

We started our days at the show this weekend before they played the Star Spangled Banner and left the building late in the afternoon after Best in Show. The pedometer read over 14, 000 steps walked per day, and at the end of two days, Korbel and Boston each had new titles, Austin had a major, Korbel and Treasure both had reserves to majors and Treat had a Best of Breed. Whew!

Sometimes dog shows are good to you, even if they exhaust you. The girls did really well in Rally with Boston finishing her RAE title, placing 2nd in Advanced B the second day. Korbel completed her RA title and was 1st both days in Advanced A. Treasure got her first two Rally Advanced legs and was 2nd and 3rd.

Over in the conformation ring, Treasure was Reserve to the major on Saturday, Korbel was Reserve to the major on Sunday and Austin won the major in boys on Sunday and was Best Opposite for 4 points. Treat was not to be out done though, he went Best of Breed on Sunday for another point and a trip to the group ring.

What a very nice way to spend the weekend!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Double Play

At the show last week, Pomeranians and Samoyeds were in the ring at exactly the same time, so Mike and I had to go in different directions. In fact, the rings were in separate rooms. The good news was we both had the Winners Dog. It is always nice when you score a double play.