Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is it a Cat?

No, not a cat. That is Polar climbing a tree. He loves to hunt so this tree is good practice for when he gets ready for squirrel hunting.

Great Weekend at Traverse City

We had a lovely weekend at Traverse City. Polar (Solid Gold Kodiak's Treasured Snobear) was Best of Breed all three days for 3 points. His mom Treasure (Solid Gold Bearied Treasure RA) was WB one day for 1 point, AND she finished her Rally Excellent title with two placements in Excellent A. And then Maya (Solid Gold Ribbon N'Tin) was WB two days for 2 points. Maya needs just four single points to finish her championship. COngratulations to junior handler Jessica Moerland for her great handling over the weekend.