Friday, June 30, 2006

Boston's Bandages

So what is this? Poor Boston! Seems Boston and daughter Korbel collided while out on a bike ride with Mike. Both girls skidded on the pavement, but Boston got the worst of it. Wednesday night she was limping so we used a flashlight and carefully inspected her feet and found she had really busted up her paw pads! One is quite bad with a chunk hanging off. The other is missing a layer in one spot. Korbel has some blistering on one foot but not as bad. We put some antibiotic cream on them and wrapped Boston's feet up in this pretty 4th of July red. She is being very good about it and hasn't tried to take them off. Seems to be enjoying all of the attention and to realize that we are trying to help her. Hopefully they can come off in a few days so she can go back to her favorite past time of digging in the yard.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Boardwalk

Today our friends Lorraine and Dan come up to Grand Haven for a visit and we ambled along the board walk with them. Lorriane owns Kody Bear who is Boston's Grandfather and who is GreatGrandpa to Korbel. We were quite the sight with our three big white dogs! On the way back we stopped for ice-cream. Korbel and Boston had Strawberry Cheesecake, and Kody Bear had vanilla. Mmmmmmm, good! Then we stopped under a tree to visit and the big bear dog took a nap befitting an old timer. The girls played and made themselves a bit obnoxious...just wanting attention as usual. It was a great summer time evening by the lake shore!

Sunday, June 18, 2006


I think I have been to the Traverse City dog show now at least a dozen times over the years. It is such a beautiful location that I go as much for the scenery as the show. This year they added a rally trial on Friday. So since that started at 2:00 p.m. I headed up Friday morning with my rally dogs (Alaska and Boston) and Mike came up after work pulling the camper with the rest of the dogs. Rally was a blast!! Both dogs turned in very nice performances...a 96 for Boston in Advanced B and a 98 for Alaska in Novice B! Since I am always the fastest one on my time score, I had a pretty good idea that Alaska had placed and it was a thrill to get 4th with him! He is such a little dynamo and he just runs his little heart out on the course! Every time we run rally people come up to us afterwards to say how much fun he is! I walk really fast and he runs beside me, but still manages to hit all of his sits! Anyway it was a new title for him. Yeah! Boston wasn't as sharp with her sits and fronts, but it still was a very nice performance and we had many compliments. She ended up in 5th place, so no fancy rosette, but she did get the 2nd leg of her advanced title. (three legs per title)

Mike got there about midnight and it was 2:00 a.m. before we got our camp set up. Then Mike decided we needed some fans and went to Meijers. It was 4:00 a.m. by the time we got to bed!!! We didn't show on Saturday but did visit with some friends from Petoskey, cheered on our friend Melaney as she got her second point on her Cocker Dreamer and just hung out. I got home last night and Mike shows this morning and will come back later today. The house is very quiet with just three dogs, but I need that to get some school work done!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Boston the Biking Dog

More than ten years ago I bought my first K9 Cruiser and hitched up Kody Bear to my pink Huffy bike to take him out for a run. It was a blast then, but little did I know that someday I would have the thrill of biking his grand-daughter. A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to retire the Huffy and move up into something more modern. Fact was the new design of the K9 cruiser doesn't fit the old bikes. So my in-laws put my Huffy first in their garage sale and then in the free trader. They ended up selling it for $20. I was happy that someone new would be riding it; a woman who planned to put a basket on it for her little dog. I bought a shiny new 21 speed Tracker! Boston and Korbel love it. Here I am with Boston tonight headed out for a short run. As I write, Mike is out with Korbel. Of the two, Korbel certainly has the ability for speed, BUT it is Boston who wants to crank it up and go out at a dead run. Fortunately Boston is also the one who knows what "whoa" means!