Monday, September 17, 2007

Pictures from National

Here is a picture of when Treasure met her grandma Judi and grandpa Bill at the SCA National last week. She had a blast walking around and meeting everyone. She gave kisses to people and got held over and over again. Can you tell they love her?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Best of Breed 2007

Best of Breed - Ch. Cabaka's Deejay of Yacker
Best of Winners - Starquest What comes Around
Best Opposit Sex - Ch. Pebbles Run Love Actually

Awards of Merit
Ch. Silver C's Perfect Storm
Ch. Rossia's Texas Rocket O Cedar Ridge
Ch. White Magic's Sorcerer's Apprentice
Ch. Vanderbilt's I'll Take Manhattan
Ch. Gilaras Court Jester
Ch. Frostyacres Tanks T'Rexann
Ch. Celticfrost All Tuckered Out
Ch. Pebbles Run Hammy Davis Jr.
Ch. Ubor's WI Drift Diamond
Ch. White Magic's Celestial Sky
Ch. Echo's Perfectly Clear
Ch. Snowsongs A Moment Like This
Ch. Wintersong's Lucky Charm NJP
Ch. White Magic's Secret Lee
Ch. Zima's Cheszka off White Magic
Ch. Yukon's Please Charge It
Ch. Starquest's Ex'llent Adventure CD AX AXJ

Bitch Classes 2007

Bitches – Judge Joan Luna

6 to 9 month puppy
1 – Rhapsody Silver River Beignet
2 – Daystar’s Glamorous Life
3 – Cot ‘npic’n PlrMst Tiny Bubbles

9 to 12 month puppies
1 – Hawkwind’s Emerald Stone
2 – Cabaka’s Lolly Of Punjab
3 – Hawkwind’s India Emerald
4 – Vanderbilt’s Money Money Money

12 to 18 month bitches
1- White Magic’s Silver Springs
2 – Starquest’s Curious Venture
3 – Silver C’s Trillion Dollar Baby
4 – Bayou’s Quilted Sue

Bred By Exhibitor
1 – Starquest’s What Comes Around
2 – Tobil’s Redneck Woman
3 – Millcreek’s Eclat de Neige
4 – Ala-Kasm’s Spirit of Fire

American Bred Bitches
1 – Cot’n Pic’n Botlegin Lookin For Fun
2 – Tall Oaks Keana of Snoshe
3 – SFX Flashback
4 – Hawkwind’s Fyr’N Ice Alaskan Jade

Open Bitches
1 – Cabaka’s Gabe of Rock Star
2 – North’Star Tundra Mist
3 – Vanderbilt’s Diamond Empire
4 – Zvezda’s Daffodowndilly

Winner’s Bitch – Starquest’s What Comes Around
Reserve Bitch – Cabaka’s Gabe of Rock Star

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Veteran and Working Bitches 2007

Bitches – Judge Joan Luna

Veteran 8 to 10 years old
1 – Ch. White Eages Etched in Stone
2 – Ch. Charisma’s Moondust of Vostok
3 – Ch. AlaKasam’s When t’Wind Blows WS
4 – Ch. Snokrest SeaSand Sparkl Gryl

Veteran 10 to 12 years old
1 - Ch. Dreamquest's Spirit Dancer
2 - Ch. Ubor's Double Diamond Deluxe
3 - Ch. Wolf River's Earth Wind and Fire
4 - Ch. Shalimar's Moonlite Becomes You

Veteran 12 years old and up
1 – Poltergeist’s Valkyrie CD OAA OAJ RN
2 – Ch. Danica’s Southern Rocker
3 – Southland’s Howling Windsong

Working Bitches
1 – Ch. Starquest’s Ex’llent Adventure CD AX AXJ
2 – Seamist Canyon of Wolf River
3 – Trailblazer’s First Trillium NA NAJ WS
4 – Snokrest’s Kayla In Winter Gyr CD

SCA Dog Judging 2007

Regular Dogs – Judge Kathleen Ronald
6 – 9 month puppy dog
1 – Skilo’s Bear’s Corbyn Bleu
2 – Krystall’s Ziggy Stardust
3 – Cot’nPic’n Song of the South Polar Mist
4 – Ice Crystal’s Hell’s Thunder

9 – 12 month puppy dog
1 – Hawkwind’s Siberian Emerald
2 – Mystic Oz’s Me Tarzan
3 – White Eagles Stolichnya
4 – Polar Mist Here Comes T-Party

12 – 18 month dogs
1 - D-Keta’s Bronze Blessing
2 – White Gold Pogonip O’Cedar Ridge
3 – Snow Songs’ We Will Rock You
4 – El-Al’s Flight of Fancy

Bred By Exhibitor
1 – Timber Wind’s Egyptian Sun God
2 - White Magic’s Heart of Rock N Roll
3 – Cot’N Pic’N On the Rocks
4 – Northlites Heartbreaker of White Magic

American Bred Dogs
1 – Polar Mist Country’s Leonidas
2 – White Magic’s Valentino
3 – D’Keta’s Smoke Signal
4 – White Magic’s Livin On the Edge

Open Dogs
1 – Effenbein Sun Dancer
2 – Cabaka’s Yacker of McCoy
3 – Artic Blast’s Azure Skies
4 – Snowdragon Salto Rifkin

Winners Dog – Effenbein Sun Dancer
Reserve Dog – Timber Wind’s Egyptian Sun Dog

Veteran Dogs 8 to 10 years old
1 – Ch. Sugarhill’s SS Copperfield
2 – Ch. SFX Daydream Believer
3 – Ch. Frostyacres Northern Exposure
4 – Ch. Polar Mist Royal Crown Cola

Veteran Dogs 10 to 12 Years
1 – Ubor’s Wi Drift Diamond
2 – Ch. Ala-Kasam’s Star Chaser
3 – Ch. MACH El-Al’s Paddington Bear

Veteran Dogs 12 years and older
1 – Ch. Tundrawind’s XXxdgrz O Whtstr WSX
2 – Ch. Fyr’n Ice White Christmas

Working Dogs
1 – Ch. Sylvan’s Flying Bombardier NJP WS
2 – Ch. Rexann’s ringmaster WS
3 – Ch. Omega’s Winterway Showstopper
4 – Ch. Wolf River’s Thunder Cloud

Stud Dog
1 – Ch. Sattu’ The Buck Stops Here
2 – Ch. Mystic Oz’s Samie Caravello
3 – Ch. Rexann’s Ringmaster
4 – Ch. Effenbein All That Jazz

SCA Futurity 2007

Judge Jan Warner

6-9 Puppy Dog
1st- Skilo Bear's Corbyn Bleu(owners Helen and Kalyn Sullivan)
2nd- Krystall's Ziggy Stardust(owners Linda and Frank Pfeifer)
3rd- Ice Crystals Hell's Thunder (owners Gloria and John Reigel/R Cerpentieri)
4th- SnowQuestor's Who Will Stop the Rain (owner Nancy La Saska)

6-9 Puppy Bitch
1st-Ice Crystal's Hell's Belle(owners Gloria and John Reigel/R Cerpentieri)
2nd- Saratoga's River Reflection (owners Heidi M/Heidi Neiman)
3rd- Cot'npic'n PlrMist Tiny Bubbles (owners LyanneKnott & Terry Galle)
4th- Krystall's Twist'n Shout (owners Mary Lee Lloyd/Nancy Golden)
Intersex - #16 Skilo Bear's Corbyn Bleu
Reserve - #19 Krystall's Ziggy Stardust

9-12 Month Puppy Dog
1st- CH Silverplumes Top Gun (owners Tom/Kristi Schopfer)
2nd- Elfenbein Turbo Charged(owners John/Barb Pierce & James/Elvira Shea)
3rd- Elfenbein Sun Dancer(owners Bob/Diane Hosker & James/Elvira Shea)
4th- SFX Time Bandit (owners Lori Chapek-Carleton/Gordon Carleton)

9-12 Puppy Bitch
1st- Hawkwind's Emerald Storm(owners Kathy/Jim Filicetti & Susan Black)
2nd- Hawkwind's Emerald High Peak(owners Jonathan Oakmand & Susan Black)
3rd- BraveHeart's Come On Babe (owner Mary Lee Lloyd)
4th- B raveHeartNElfenbein It's About Jazz (owner James/Elvira Shea)
Intersex - Hawkwind's Emerald Storm
Reserve - CH Silverplumes Top Gun

BEST FUTURITY PUPPY#174 Hawkwind's Emerald Storm

12-15 Junior Dog
1st- Timber Wind's Egyptian Sun God (owner Kim Perry & Linda Kitzman)
2nd-Haku's A Cut Above (owner Mary Spinsby)
3rd- Cot'N Pic'N On The Rocks (owner Marjorie Goodenough)
4th- Sterling's Dreamland Express (owner Jonah/Allison Barasz)

12-15 Junior Bitch
1st- Wintermist's Ancient Mysteries(owner Kim Perry & Linda Kitzman)
2nd-Moonsong's Days of Wine & Roses(owner Cindy/John Faucette III)
3rd-Haku's Tumbling River (owner Elizabeth Lampe)
4th-Dazz-L-ing I'Ma Showoff At Sky Hi (owner Sue Reeve)
Intersex - Timber Wind's Egyptian Sun God
Reserve - Wintermist's Ancient Mysteries1

15-18 Junior Dog
1st- SnowSong's We will Rock You(owner Cathy/Steve Pendleton)
2nd-Ch Misty Mountain's Born Free (owner William/Sandy Broskett)
3rd- White Gold Pogonip O'Cedar Ridge (owner Jackie/Keith Mason & Gail Speiker)
4th- SFX Northern Lights Nikolai (owner Karen Budzinski)

15-18 Junior Bitch
1st- CH White Gold's Destined to Dazzle (owner Laura Segers)
2nd- Starquest's Curious Venture (owner Shelley Short)
3rd- Starquest What Comes Around (owner Martha Lageschulte Andi/Robert Mast)
4th- Misty Mountain's A Rose Is A Rose (owner William/Sandy Broskett)

Intersex - CH White Gold's Destined to Dazzle
Reserve - SnowSong's We Will Rock You

GRAND FUTURITY- CH White Gold's Destined to Dazzle

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Boston's Bounty!

Boston had a most bountiful day here in Pennsylvania at the Samoyed Club of America National Specialty! She was one of the very few dogs to qualify in the obedience trial and was 1st Place in Open A! I was on cloud nine!!! Some friends said they had tears in their eyes...for me....the tears came later...I was just so happy and proud in that moment when she finished!

She also did well in Rally with 3rd in Excellent B and a qualifying run in Advanced B for her second RAE leg. So two down and eight to go on that title. Two more to go on her open title.

Now she is exhausted and is enjoying a well deserved nap on the king sized bed in our hotel room while the two young gals (her kids Korbel and Treasure) are wrestling on the floor.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ready to Play in PA

We are busy getting ready to play in Pennsylvania at the Samoyed Club of America national specialty. There is lots to do including bathing dogs, cleaning out the car and packing it, preparing instructions for the dogs staying home, organizing work etc etc. There is even some last minute training to try to keep things fresh in Boston's mind. Tomorrow I work and then we leave in the early evening. Mike will be home packing up the car and getting everything ready. We'll head for Ohio Monday night and then plan to be in PA early Tuesday afternoon. I'll be taking lots of pictures and will post results for all to see as I get them.

The national is always a lot of fun but this year I am especially looking forward to meeting Judy and Bill and introducing Treasure to her dad Sniper. It is the gathering of the clan so to speak. Samoyed lovers will come in from all over the country and indeed the world for our annual family get together!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dog Family Fun

Last night our friends Lorraine and Dan came over with Kody Bear for dinner and to share pictures of Alaska. They went on an Alaskan cruise about a month before we did and hit many of the same ports. After pictures were done we got the whole dog family together for some pictures. Boston is in back sporting her short "I just had puppies" coat. Kody Bear is on the left with Lorraine. Treasure is in my lap and Korbel on the far right. Kody Bear is Boston's Grandpa and Treasure and Korbel's Great Grand Pa!