Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rocky Mountain Greeting

I was so pleased to get this pretty picture of Kodiak in the Rocky Mountains. What a beautiful boy he is!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Introducing....a future show dog????

Introducing Yellow Boy now known as Phantom! Hard to believe this silly boy is going to be a big show dog someday isn't it? He is Solid Gold Music of the Night and we hope he grows up to be big and beautiful and a winner in the ring. Meantime he is having fun playing in the snow and then relaxing when he comes back inside. Phantom will be staying right here for now...growing up a bit and testing his wings.

Green Girl's Family

Our little Green Girl went to her new home a week ago but with so much snow and many activities it was today before we were able to make it official. So tonight we met and shared a meal, played some air hockey and watched as a new family welcomed our little Green Girl into their home. Her name is Maya and she is registered as Solid Gold Ribbon'n Tin. The good news is that Maya lives exactly 4 1/2 miles from us so we will get to see her a lot. She is going to be shown in AKC and in 4-H. She is joining two other Samoyeds, Sasha and Ginger and their family of Mike, Melissa, Jessica and Eric.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Orange Girl in the Lone Star State

Orange Girl is now settling in to her new home in Texas with Jessalyn, Joy and Perry. She has two four footed siblings named Dolly and Kodi. She is now called Aspen and she is Solid Gold White Winter Willow.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Taking Off!

Today it was time for Orange girl to take off for her new home in Texas. Her brother came with her when we took her to the airport. Per usual Orange charmed everyone. Her "look at me" attitude had everyone waiting on her hand and foot. In fact the ticket counter attendant just had to hold her while she checked her in! Now that is saying something.

Purple Boy's New Family

Purple Boy's new family drove up from Chicago on Friday night and came over in the morning to meet him. Lucky Eddie now has three new brothers named Jack, Mitch and Scott. His new mom and dad are Christina and Bennett. He set off on his new adventure living in the Chicago suburbs with his family late Saturday morning and is loving every minute of it. His name is now Solid Gold Lord Edward of Wright. A big name for a big guy!

Blue Girl is Next

Shortly after Red Boy left ,Blue Girl's new family arrived to take her home to Novi. Ashley, Jeanine and Steve are happy to have Anastasia in their family. She is Solid Gold Grand Duchess of Russia. Ana made herself right at home, visiting lots of people and making friends with everyone.

Red Boy is First

Red Boy was the first to go to his new home. On Friday Pam came with her mom and sister and they picked up big Red who is Solid Gold Great Brightness aka Morgan. Morgan headed out with Pam to meet his new dad Kevin about 12:20 p.m. He now lives in Milford Michigan which is near Detroit. Early reports say he is having a lot of fun. Every toy in the house is out of the box and he has found lots of things to bark at!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Family

One last moment together as a family, here Mike and I enjoy the entire six pack. Friday they begin to go to off to their new homes where they will live forever. We are entrusting our babies to the homes we have chosen because we believe they will love them as much as we do. It is hard to let them go, but a bitter sweetness is there because we know how much they can change a family with all the love they have to give.

Whirlwind of Activity

The last couple of weeks before puppies go home is a whirlwind of activity. Saturday every puppy had a bath and blow dry before having their picture taken. The on Sunday the pups traveled with us on a two hour drive to Williamston for their puppy evaluation. More than a dozen experienced Samoyed breeders met to go over three different litters. We examined each puppy on a table feeling for bone structure and then put them on the floor and called them back and forth to watch their movement. The puppies had fun and met their dad Austin and Aunt Treasure who have been off sledding as well as all the other puppies. They were great troupers and settled nicely into the crate on the way down and back.

On Thursday they went to the vet for their second checkup and puppy booster shots. Everyone is healthy and active. The vet said they were wonderful puppies with nice outgoing temperaments which isn't the case for many puppies they see. That was good to hear. Everyone took the shots well.

Later that night they all got their microchips put in. Ouch! After a quick yelp every one of them went back to munching their cookie.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

One of a Kind

CH Tall Oak's Solid Gold Kodiak

October 3, 1994 - December 29, 2008

He will be remembered as one of a kind; a beautiful big bear dog with a winning smile. Shortly after my last post Lorraine called to tell me Kody Bear had passed to the rainbow bridge. She will mourn her beautiful friend for a long time. He was a great friend and traveling partner. With him by my side I traveled to Massachusetts, Texas and Washington and many places in between. I will remember him as the great champion he was who lives on in his great great grand puppies. Now he is at the bridge waiting for his Lorraine.